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Hosein Bahreyni

Mayor of the 14th district

degree of education:

Master of Urban Planning



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The history of the municipality

The area of the 14th area outside of the eastern boundary of the Nasser's fence, before rolling the fence, only includes the village of Dolab and Sulaimaniyah. The beginning of the expansion of Tehran on 14 tourism guides in Tehran The lands of the 14th area coincided with the second period of Tehran's surface expansion. - (1320 to the coup of August 28, 1332). At this time coinciding with the formation of residential cores in the east of Tehran (Narmak, Tehran, Iran)
The expansion of the city from the northwest of the current area of the 14th region to the east (Piroozi Avenue) and to the south (17th Shahrivar Street) and part of the land between these two axes includes. Four hundred units in the south of Piroozi Avenue in the same period Was built.
- In the third period of the Tehran's superficial expansion (1332 AD), the development of the city continued in part of the 14th area in a northeastern-southwest frontier, and in its own direction, the villages of Dulaub and Sulaimaniyah could also be developed.


Popular communication

By providing citizens with messages and requests, the city administration has put in place an appropriate framework for citizen engagement in urban management.

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